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Please see below information regarding LDL AGM.

-Officers : The LDL are seeking nominations for the upcoming AGM for officers and committee members . In relation to the officer positions of Chairman, Vice Chairman , Secretary , Treasurer, Fixtures Secretary , Registrar, Child Protection Officer, any person being nominated must have sat on the committee for 2 Seasons previously.

-Rules : – Clubs are also requested to forward any proposed rule changes or new rules.

-Motions : Clubs are also requested to forward Any motions for discussion on the night.

– Submission : All of the above must be submitted to the LDL Assistant Secretary Turlough McNamara via email at ldlsecretary2022@gmail.com on or before Saturday April 30th.

– Please note , nominations for officers and committee, rule changes, new rules and motions for discussion must be signed by the club Secretary and submitted via email to LDL Assistant Secretary . These must be sent by email to the LDL Assistant Secretary , Turlough McNamara at ldlsecretary2022@gmail.com on or before Saturday April 30th.

If you have any queries, please let me know.

With thanks,
Yours in Sport,
Turlough McNamara,
Assistant Secretary LDL
ldlsecretary2022@gmail.com / 0862340894

Dear Secretaries,
I hope this email finds you well.

1) New Email :  Going forward, the new email for the LDL secretary will be   ldlsecretary2022@gmail.com . From tomorrow, all

correspondence  can be sent to that email.  Any issues, please let me know.
2)Transfer Window : A reminder to all clubs that the transfer window for this current season expires this Monday Jan 31st.
3)Fees and Fines :  To any club who have not paid their half fees , or outstanding fines, these can be submitted to acting treasurer Christy O Dwyer on or before Monday Jan 31st. Any club wishing to contact Christy re fee’s or fines, please contact 086-1670865 or odwyerchristy@gmail.com.
4) Lights : The LDL are delighted to announce that the new floodlights have now been installed in Jackman Park .
With thanks,
Yours in Sport,
Turlough McNamara.

0862340894 / ldlsecretary2022@gmail.com 



LDL Inter County Youth manager, Dean Lillis has announced his squad for the upcoming Inter league as follows :

1) Diarmuid O’Riordan – Defender – Newport Town
2) Dion Curtin – Defender – Charleville
3) Luke Ryan – Midfielder – Regional United
4) Josh Leung – Defender – Shelbourne
5) Paddy Bermingham – Forward – Herbertstown
6) Cameron Fleming – Midfielder – Pike Rovers
7) James Carroll – Midfielder – Pike Rovers
8) Jamie Hogan – Forward – Pike Rovers
9) Ryan Manning – Goalkeeper – Pike Rovers
10) Diarmuid Grimes – Defender – Pike Rovers
11) Justin Dumitru – Defender – Pike Rovers
12) Cillian Scully – Forward – Pike Rovers
13) Willie Casey – Winger – Pike Rovers
14) Gavin Carrig – Defender – Aisling Annacotty
15) Jack Horan – Defender – Aisling Annacotty
16) Max Stone – Goalkeeper – Aisling Annacotty
17) Gavin Mellerick – Midfielder – Aisling Annacotty
18) Michael Curran – Winger – Aisling Annacotty
19) Markus Hogan – Midfielder – Fairview Rangers
20) Cian Specht – Forward – Fairview Rangers

Training Panel:

1) Darragh Murrary – Midfielder – Aisling Annacotty
2) Richkov Boevi – Defender – Aisling Annacotty
3) Stephen Madden – Midfielder – Newport Town

The manager has asked parents of the named players to contact him directly, by email (deanlillis@gmail.com) or by phone (0851061776), for the purposes of setting up a WhatsApp Group between parents of the players to enable direct communication with the team.



-A reminder to all club secretaries that the current transfer window will close as of last registered postal time on Thursday 30th September.

– The LDL are currently looking for an Oscar Traynor Youth Manager. Anyone interested, please contact myself at turloughmcnamara@yahoo.ie . Any queries on this , please contact me for same. Please let any interested parties know of this.




Referee’s Team sheet (downloadable)




Limerick District League Rulebook

Rulebook August 2018 Low Res PROOF 24.08.18



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