Month: December 2016

Limerick Junior Soccer Quiz – email answers to or pm me on facebook

1 Who scored the last minute goal for Ballynanty Rvs in their 2-1 win over Regional Utd in the 20005/06 Lawson Cup final
2 ¬†Which Aisling Annacotty player was the Premier League’s top scorer in 2005/06 season and for what Div 1A club is he currently top scorer
3 Pike Rvs beat Ballynanty Rvs in the 2006/07 Munster Junior Cup final. Who scored a double for Pike?
4 Janesboro added the Lawson Cup to the Premier League with a lineup that included five ex Corbally United players. Name them?
5 Which Ballynanty Rvs goalkeeper had the most appearances for a Premier player in 2007/08 season
6 Corbally Utd survived the drop with a 5-4 win over Balla in their last game. Who scored the winning goal?
7 Regional Utd beat Ballynanty Rvs 1-0 in the Tuohy Cup final to win their first Premier trophy. Which former and current Balla player scored the goal?
8 Fairview beat Carrick 2-0 in a rain soaked Munster Junior final in 2008/09 season. Christy Doyle scored first goal. Who scored the second?
9 Fairview Rgs won the FAI Youth Cup in 2009/10 with a Shane Power goal. Two of the winning team are currently signed with the Fairview A team. Name them?
10 Pike had a clean sweep in 2010/11 season. They clinched League with a 6-1 win over Aisling. Which player scored a hat trick in that game?
11 Limerick were beaten in the 2010/11 Oscar Traynor final going down to a last minute goal to whom?
12 Two goals from Shane Clarke helped Janesboro to a Munster Junior Cup final win against whom in the 2011/12 final played in St Michael’s Pitch.
13 Carew Park won the Premier League in 2012/13. Including Oscar Traynor goals what was top scorer Jonathan Grant’s tally for the season?
14 Which player scored both goals in Pike Rvs Munster Junior Cup final win over Clonmel in the 2012/13 season?
15 Who beat Geraldines in the 2013/14 Munster Junior Cup final?
16 Regional won the 2013/14 Munster Youth Cup. . Which of their currently signed Premier players picked up the man of the match award in that game?
17 Who captained the Limerick Oscar Traynor side that were beaten in the 2014/15 season in Inishowen?
18 Newport beat Mungret 1-0 in the 2013/14 Div 1A Cup final. The scorer is currently terrorising Premier defences. Name him?
19 Who ended Moyross’ 2014/15 FAI run with a last gasp equaliser that sent the game to penalties?
20 Ballynanty Rvs were beaten in the FAI Junior Cup final in 2014/15. Which current Balla player was stretchered off in the Aviva that day?
21 Why were Pike forced to play their FAI semi final against St Peters twice?
22 Fairview Rgs won the 2009/10 FAI Junior Cup with a penalty shoot-out win over St Michaels. Who scored the deciding penalty?
23 The team of the first decade of this century was named at the end of 2009/10 season. Who was the goalkeeper selected?
24 Conor Kavanagh won 2010/11 Limerick Junior Soccer player of the year and Mark Slattery won last season. Who won the five years in between?
25 Who scored the Limerick DL goals in their 6-1 win over the Desmond League last evening?